Awarded Transactions


State of New Jersey – Department of Motor Vehicles
Surcharge Revenue Bond – Series (2003A)
Financial Advisor $160 Million
Goldman Sachs Underwriter – Philadelphia Municipal Authority
Total Transaction over $1 Billion.

Philadelphia Navy Yard
PIDC/Burns Group Energy Smart Grid Master Plan
Financial Advisor $100 Million

Greater Philadelphia Health Action – GPHA
PAID… Philadelphia Authority for Industrial Development
Financial Advisor $50 Million
Current Bond Refunding

Vehicle Replacement ProgramCO-Manager $ 80 Million
Philadelphia Municipal Authority
Lease Revenue Refunding
CO-Manager $ 53 Million

Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Intangible Asset Lease Refunding $ 27 Million

Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Master Lease $ 16 Million
Certificate of Participation (COP)

Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Master Lease
Self-ticketing Dispensers $7.9 Million

501(c)3 Tax Exempt Leasing Programs

Massachusetts Industrial Development Authority – MIFA
Perpetual Taxable Commercial Paper Program
(Program Origination) $ 60 Million

Lasell College
Tax-exempt Higher Ed
Revenue Bond $3.1 Million

Massachusetts Health and Higher Education Facilities Authority – HEFA
Leasing Program
(Program Origination) $ 50 Million

Jordan Hospital
$2.5 Million

Cape Cod Hospital
$1.9 Million

Anna Jacques
$3.0 Million

Lawrence Memorial
$5.0 Million

Philadelphia Health & Higher Education – Phila. HEFA
Leasing Program (Program Origination) $ 40 Million

Osteopathic College & Hospital
$ 5 Million

Co-Advisor/Agent or Lessor

TELP –┬áTax Exempt Leasing Program

State of Massachusetts
$ 30 Million
Senior Manager (Portfolio Investment)

City of Philadelphia – Procurement Department
Fire Equipment
Portfolio Investment $ 2 Million

State of New York – Department of Corrections
Modular Jail Facilities
$1.5 Million

City of West Haven
Master Lease Line Lessor/Syndication Manager
$ 1 Million

School District of Augusta Me.
Computer and Heating System
Lessor/Placement Manager $750,000

Ypsilanti Michigan School District

Godwin Heights School District

Kalamazoo School District

Keystone Oaks School District

City of Rome New York
Street Maintenance Equipment
Portfolio Investment $750,000

Londonderry New Hampshire School District
Computer Equipment
Portfolio Investment $350,000

State of California East Bay Building Authority
CO-Managing Underwriter $100 Million