Solar panelsNational Capital Resources was the Financial Advisor to the “Energy Smart-Grid Master Plan” for the City of Philadelphia’s – 1200 acre, PIDC Navy Yard. The Project entailed forward planning for the next 10 years of Energy Use, Energy Efficiency, Cost Avoidance and Reduction, Self-Sustaining Alternative Generation and Renewable Energy integration into a fully controlled and owned “Smart Grid”.

We provided a plan that attracted investors to the site instead of costs and ongoing maintenance expense. We reduced the potential out of pocket to a nominal figure compared to the investment generation of millions to handle the supply of over 100 MW of new power to meet the demand of over 4 Million Sq. ft. of new development.

We have financed and originated:Full cell

  • Energy Performance Contracting
  • Power Purchase Contracts
  • Taxable third party energy investment projects (Off-balance Sheet)
  • Tax Exempt energy acquisition structures that are 100% financed by the savings

We are currently running the first “Energy Arbitrage Grid Rebate programs” for the City of Philadelphia’s Hospitals, Universities, and Educational institutional users. Allowing Hospital’s and Colleges to have backup will be selling excess power to the grid when the power is available for sale.